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Free Sampler Offer

We're very sorry, but we're no longer taking requests for free samplers.

We started giving away free samplers in 1993. We gave away about 20,000 free copies of Racer Radio Volume 1 before we ran out .

As it turns out, the free sampler giveaway is a victim of its own success; we just got too many requests.

We still want you to be able to hear our artists. There are a number of ways you can do that:

  • Check out the sound files here at the Racer web site. We have lots of sound files available, and more will be posted as we release new albums. You'll also find album cover art, lyrics, interviews with the artists, and lots of information about the music and the label. The best place to start is the Racer Home Page.
  • Call your local radio stations and request a song. Our releases have gotten lots of airplay on college and public radio stations, and some commercial rock stations have even given us a spin or two.
  • Buy one of our releases. We're making more copies of the first sampler, and when you buy a release directly from us, you're eligible for a free sampler, Volume 1 or Volume 2, when they're available.

We apologize to those who missed the free offer, and we thank everyone for the enthusiastic response - we're really pleased that so many people took the time to check out our artists!

Racer Radio Volume 1

Our first free sampler, Racer Radio Volume 1, was given away to almost 20,000 people.

Racer Radio Volume 1 contained 11 songs from the first six releases on the Racer Records label.

Full-length albums by each of these artists are also available.

The musical styles include intelligent power pop, folk rock, alternative rock, experimental pop, and even freeform jazz.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.