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Although the heart of Racer Records is music, we've been fortunate enough to have terrific artwork to go along with our albums. We also have a handful of photos of the artists we work with (and we're always trying to get more).

This page provides easy access to all of the artwork here at our WWW site.

You can click any thumbnail or album title on this page to see the full-size graphic.

Album Covers

These are our album covers, arranged by artist:



Big Umbrella


Cactus Motel



  • Into Long Night cover Into Long Night by Garden
    The beautiful cover of Into Long Night shows a pair of figures drifting in an atmosphere of green. The design is by Linda Ruttan, who sings with Garden.


  • Garden Variety cover Garden Variety by Garden Variety
    The artwork for Garden Variety was designed by Linda Ruttan and Molly Ruttan-Moffat - both of whom also play in the band.


Amy X Neuburg


Dennis Phelps


The Potato Eaters

  • Wreckless cover Wreckless by The Potato Eaters
    The antique headless dolls assembled for Wreckless were photographed by Christine Alicino. The layout was designed by Gino Robair and Kristi Wachter.


Redfish Bluefish

Splatter Trio

Tom Tom McKoo



  • Napoleon Blown Apart cover Napoleon Blown Apart by Wonderboy
    Robbie's girlfriend commented that the band sounded like a complicated dessert, inspiring Robbie to come up with this firecracker-in-a-pastry design idea. Rachel Gutek (who does splendid work for Rhino) did the design.


  • Abbey Road To Ruin cover Abbey Road To Ruin by Wonderboy
    The cartoon-and-kid-scrawl cover for Abbey Road to Ruin was done by Bart Flynn (who understands the minds of children and psychotics). Kristi Wachter provided a little bit of layout assistance.


  • Wonderboy cover Wonderboy by Wonderboy
    The Wonderboy artwork was begun by the band (logo by Gail Burt) and completed, brilliantly, by Kevin Norris.


  • Zircus Smashes! cover Zircus Smashes! by Zircus
    The way cool layout for Zircus Smashes! was done by Giotto Harrison of Babyface Design. The inside of the booklet features vintage photos of the band in action and great reviews they've gotten.

and also:

  • Racer Radio Volume 1
    The artwork and design for Racer Radio Volume 1 were done by the ever-astonishing Anne Wysocki, an extremely talented artist and graphic designer.


These are some photos of our artists:

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.