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Racer Records - A Fond Farewell

With much regret and a bit of relief, I decided to close Racer Records at the end of 2003.

I have some regrets, and some lingering frustration, and there's a definite sadness at the end of an era ... but when I look back on Racer, I mostly feel pride, and appreciation, and joy.

I learned an amazing amount, about business and music and about myself. I didn't turn any of my artists into superstars, much as I wish I had, but I did find at least a few new fans for everyone on the label. I got to know a lot of wonderful people - especially the musicians, but also music lovers, music sellers, DJs, and even a few good people at distribution companies. I went to a lot of extraordinary shows I'll never forget - especially release parties.

I worked ridiculously hard, single-handedly bankrolled the phone company, listened to demos until my ears bled ... but I have twenty albums in my record collection that might never have landed there if it weren't for Racer, and I'll get to enjoy those for the rest of my life.

It's been an incredible experience, it really has.

And the best thing about running Racer has been getting to make friends with amazing musicians, people I admire and respect, people who can do things with music and words that just leave me in awe.

I'll be leaving the web site up indefinitely - there's still some useful information here, and I hope the stuff that's out of date will be pretty apparent.

Racer fans are welcome to contact me at racer@racerrecords.com.

I thank the extraordinary musicians who gave me the opportunity to spread my love of their music; the many fans who shared my enthusiasm; and all who offered me kind words of encouragement or appreciation.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This page was last updated on March 4, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.