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Me, Kristi Wachter

My name is Kristi Wachter. I own a little indie record label in San Francisco, called Racer Records. I have entirely too much fun running the label.

I also do computer consulting. I've concentrated on technical writing lately, but I've also done HTML, JavaScript, HyperCard and SuperCard programming, database design, page layout, interface consulting, and training. I also do a whole lot of Mac stuff in the day-to-day running of the record label. My resume and partial list of projects provide more details.

Besides my Racer Records site, I've created Paradise Theatre, a Styx fan site; Scientology Lies, part of my activism (along with Truth About Scientology, the Lisa McPherson Files, and The Aberree) against Scientology's criminal and abusive behavior; and a couple of sites for artists I like a lot: Justine Tatarsky's Art On Tile and a Bay Area all-women theatre company, Woman's Will.

For fun, I like to read, write songs, watch movies (especially foreign films), and walk around the city. 

You might enjoy taking a look at my list of people I admire .

Feel free to drop me a note via e-mail: my address is kristi@racerrecords.com. (I sometimes get seriously behind in answering my e-mail, so please be patient.)

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

You can find my personal blog at Kristi-Wachter.com.

This page was last updated on August 27, 2007 by Kristi Wachter.