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Racer put out its first release in December of 1992.

The company is run by one person (although we do have a part-time employee, Brian, helping us out).

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Captain's Logs

Sporadically, I've taken the time to make notes about my daily routine of running an indie label. You can read the various Captain's Logs for a look at the day-to-day workings of our little corner of the music business.

Submitting Demos

A whole lot of the questions we get here are about submitting demos to Racer. Most of your questions are likely to be answered here in our demo policy FAQ.

The Racer Record, Issue 1

Our first (and only) paper newsletter was printed in Spring of 1993. Here's the text of the first issue:

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We're collecting questions for a FAQ. If there's something you'd like to know about Racer, please send e-mail to Kristi Wachter at racer@racerrecords.com.

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