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Amy X Neuburg & Men

Amy X Neuburg & Men formed in 1993 at the request of Racer Records [Editor's note: it did? Wow.], who wanted Amy to perform music from her CD Songs 91 to 85 in a Gavin Week showcase.

Amy had worked previously with guitarist and technical genius Herb Heinz, keyboardist Tim Root, and percussionist Joel Davel, in a multimedia techno-theatre ensemble called MAP. All knew each other before that from having attended the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music graduate program in electronic music.

This group began performing in the Bay Area, in clubs and all sorts of interesting techno-art venues like the Anon Salon and the Digital Be-in. The band recorded UTECHMA in the IS Productions studio, and it was released in 1995 on Racer Records. Then Tim grew up and got a real job, so Micah Ball took his place, playing Chapman Stick rather than keyboards, and leaping tuxedo-man JT Quillan III joined the band as theatrical backing vocalist.

You can send e-mail to Amy at amyx@isproductions.com. You may want to visit Amy's own web site, whence much of this verbage was brazenly borrowed.

Amy has released three albums through Racer Records - two with Men and one without:

A profile of Amy, written for the first Racer newsletter (in 1993), is also available.

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