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Splatter Trio

Splatter Trio is:

Dave Barrett
saxophones, Farfisa organ
Myles Boisen
doubleneck guitar/bass, wah wah. Myles also played on the Cactus Motel album Home, which he also produced.
Gino Robair
drums, Farfisa. Gino also played on the Cactus Motel album Home and on the Potato Eaters' Wreckless.
On their first Racer release, Fistful of Dewey, they were also joined by:
Michaelle Goerlitz
Len Paterson
guitar, synthesizer

Splatter 3 + 2 has released one album through Racer Records: In addition, Splatter Trio released three albums through Rastascan Records, and one on Music and Arts:
  • Splatter Trio
  • Anagrams
  • Jump or Die: 21 Anthony Braxton Compositions (w/ Debris & Randy McKean)
  • Hi-Fi Junk Note

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