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Sports! Chips! Booty! (Racer 1019)

Sports! Chips! Booty! by Amy X Neuburg & Men

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available. Amy's 3rd release on Racer Records (her second with the Men), Sports captures the essence of AXN & Men's off-the-wall over-the-top on-the-edge "avant-cabaret" stage show.

Amy says (and we quote verbatim): "Sports Chips Booty has turned out highly crunchy-punchy-bouncy-crisp... It really comes across as 'cabaret' in many ways; there's a 'live' energy that makes us sound like we're on a stage in a punked out German beer hall or something... LOTS of Manly ranting vocals, and the usual strange array of electronic sounds, including a 2-minute Lightning solo by Joel. Under all the silliness, the lyrics address meaningful issues in my life: identity, illness, life in the 'hood, thinking-too-much, getting older and all that crap. I think you'll like its tangy goodness."

(descriptive text scarfed freely from Amy's excellent web site) (which you should visit in person for all the other cool info we didn't gratuitously steal)

Visit the Sports! Chips! Booty! page at CD Baby for sound clips and purchasing info.


Sports! Chips! Booty! contains 13 songs:

Sports Chips Booty

Big Barbecue

Naked Puppets

Orange County

Waiting Man

I Know You

The Shower Song

Bison Bison Bison


How Many


Tiny Little Bed

Alabama Song

You can even read the lyrics and the album's rave reviews!

More information is available about Amy X Neuburg (including a profile taken from the first issue of the Racer newsletter), as well as her previous album with the Men, Utechma, and her solo album, Songs 91 to 85.

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