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Rave Reviews - Sports! Chips! Booty! by Amy X Neuburg and Men

Rave Reviews for Amy X Neuburg & Men's Sports! Chips! Booty!

Sports! Chips! Booty! is getting great reviews:

San Francisco Bay Guardian: "... Neuburg ... comes across as a funked-out Laurie Anderson, out-Zappa-ing Frank himself."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Life is a cabaret, old chum, and if you're Amy X Neuberg or one of her "manly" men, there's acid in the Kool-Aid sitting over there on the bar. Somehow, vocalist-performance artist Neuberg manages to capture all the carnivalesque goings-on of her reality-bending stage show on this release, her follow-up to 1996's Utechma. Delivering sharp, satirical pokes at the sad underpinnings of traditional masculinity and its trappings, Neuberg revels in the absurd and comes across as a flanked-out Laurie Anderson, out-Zappa-ing Frank himself. On the hilarious "Naked Puppets" she spoofs conformity ("Last night I saw Eraser-head / Today I cut my hair"), while "Orange County" paints a grimly comic portrait of American living. Her Men ¬ Herb Heinz on guitar, Joel Davel on MIDI mallets and "lightening stick," Micah Ball on Chapman stick, and J.T. Quillan III delivering "ambient personality" ¬ traipse along with gregarious zeal, despite their deliciously subservient roles. (Chan)

San Francisco Bay Guardian, November 17, 1999, page 79

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