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Napoleon Blown Apart (Racer 1014)

Napoleon Blown Apart by Wonderboy

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available.


"... let me just say what everybody already knows: Rist is a jack of all musical trades. He can play any instrument with prodigy-like skill, but more important, a sense of fun and adventure. ... The long-awaited new album is the group's pinnacle thus far - finally the right balance of Rist's slightly off-kilter pop sense and a steadiness in its presentation."
- Jordan Oakes, Yellow Pills

Napoleon Blown Apart contains 12 songs:

Song Title

RealAudio (28.8 modems)

RealAudio (14.4 modems)


46 K

24 K

Why Can't One and One Be Two?

54 K

28 K


54 K

29 K

Unconditional Love

57 K

30 K

What I Mean

54 K

28 K

Hindsight's 20/20

67 K

35 K


59 K

31 K

Happy? That's Me!

57 K

29 K

Something's Missing

57 K

30 K

Rumours For Sale

57 K

30 K

Angel Wings

62 K

32 K

Insecurity Girl

51 K

26 K

The players:

Robbie Rist
singer, guitar, keyboard
Pat McGrath
guitars, keyboards, vocals
Dave Brow
bass, vocals
Paul "Wally" Presson
drums, percussion, vocals

The guest players:

Michael LeFevre
organ on "What I Mean"
trumpet and French horn on "Insecurity Girl"
Danny McGough
bell keyboard on "What I Mean"
Quinton Flynn
additional vocal on "Happy? That's Me!"
additional vocal on "Insecurity Girl"
Jill Meschke
accordion on "Rumours For Sale"
Adam Marsland
piano on "Angel Wings"
Darian Sahanaja
piano on "Insecurity Girl"
Probyn Gregory
trumpet on "Insecurity Girl"

Complete lyrics are also available. A listening guide will be uploaded soon!

More information is available about Wonderboy, including a profile taken from the first issue of the Racer newsletter, and their other albums, Abbey Road To Ruin and Wonderboy.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.