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Wonderboy (Racer 1001)

Wonderboy by Wonderboy

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available.

Wonderboy's debut shows off their smart, funny lyrics and their tight fusion of pop and punk roots.

Wonderboy contains 11 songs:

  • Shouldn't I Know More By Now

  • Web of Lies

  • Fair Is Fair

  • We Cry

  • Burning Bridges

  • The F Word

  • Rebel Town

  • Turn About Is Fair Play

  • Now You've Proven Me Right About Girls

  • You Can Rest Easy Tonight

  • Wait Forever

Complete lyrics have been uploaded with the songwriters' permission.

More information is available about Wonderboy, including a profile taken from the first issue of the Racer newsletter, and their other albums, Abbey Road To Ruin and Napoleon Blown Apart.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.