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Guru Lyrics

Guru by Big Umbrella

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Bring on the Rain

If the sun don't shine tomorrow
Bring on the rain
If the dog falls dead tomorrow
He felt no pain
Bring on the rain, if it don't shine

I beg and borrow
To feel so good
You understood

If it don't shine, I can't feel it
If it don't shine, I can't feel it
Pay me no mind, I am innocent
If it don't shine

Let it slip
Let it all go
You can't control
What you can't control


I know you can't stay down
In my haunted world
Too much longer
You hear a different sound
Distant on the ear
It's a kind of burning hunger
That you can't satisfy here

I am a prince of shadows
Trapped beneath the waves
So deep the light can't follow
This is no place for you
The cold could freeze you through
Sunflower, it's time to go
And I say rise...

Sunflower, I let you go...

Rise, like a bubble from my mouth
Slowly disappearing out of view
There is no magic here
Among the long drowned ships
I'll save you some time
It's too late to save your trip

Sunflower, I let you go...

Bee Sting

She said, the reason I'm calling
I miss the thing we had
I said, that's years gone by
What was it made you feel
Anything blue?
I never solved that side of you

Seemed like we used it up
And left the thing for dead
I don't believe in marking graves

Wash down your loneliness
I've got a bottle
It's been working fine
Most of the time
Let all your worry go
Just for a little while
Let's pretend it never got old...

She said, we should give
Everything we own
I said, we don't have enough

It's a bee sting baby
You should not have had much trouble
Love's a bee sting baby
When you finally break the bubble


I sing about love
But I got none in me
I talk about vision
As if I could see
Maybe worst of all
I'm stuck out here in this field

I had it all
Flesh and blood and bone
And a beating heart, I remember well
Before it turned away to stone

When will I come to my senses?
I know she's gone
How many broken wishes?
I know she's gone
Two rocks for eyes and a carrot nose
I'm just a snowman, I suppose...

And now the geese are overhead
Summer's gone

If she cared for me
She wouldn't let me melt in summer
If she loved me
She wouldn't have let me
Let her go so easy

Giving Up the Kingdom

Giving up the kingdom
Giving up the kingdom

When you look at monkeys, you are
Giving up the kingdom

Throwing down the gauntlet
Putting down the chalice
If you dig up bones, you could be
Throwing down the grail

Don't it make you sad and don't it make you miss
What you thought you had
When Judas gave the lonely kiss

It don't change a thing
You never change a thing

You can't crucify it, but you can feel the footprints
They don't wash away, like so many sins

It don't change a thing
You never change a thing

And at the end of the day
When they put the bones together
Don't let them stick a sword in me
Or gamble for my clothes

It don't change a thing
You never change a thing

Crackerjack Ring

I would wrap you in a leopard skin
I'd keep you safe and keep you sound
If I thought that it wouldn't
Bring you down

But you wanted so much of me
You wanted me to stay
And you never saw my misery
And you never saw my pain

I don't want to bring
Stolen funeral flowers
And a Crackerjack ring
Cause my grubby little things
Just won't do, for you

Have you ever wanted someone
So badly
That you couldn't stand to look in the mirror
You could say that's the way
I love you

I don't want to bring
Stolen funeral flowers
And a Crackerjack ring
Cause my grubby little things
Just won't do
And I don't want to bring
My kind of love
Naked and cold
Down on you

You know I can't go with you
I'd only get caught in the light...

Summer's Gone

Girl what have you done
Set fire to the throne
Calling out the empire through a
Plastic megaphone
Was a time when I stood by
And watched you from afar
Now I have begun colliding

Summer's gone but I knew that it would
Be alright

How much can she grab of it
And how much can she keep
Before her pocket's heavy
And she's in way too deep

Summer's gone but I knew that it would
Be alright

Columbus Day

As I begin to put down
The saddest words
I am reminded of a time
When love still lay before us
Yet untrampled
I was the best thing that you could find

And I know I was wrong to think
I'd be the only one
I took a shot in the dark

On Columbus Day I stopped my running
And faced the music sad and true
It was on a Puget Bay that I
Couldn't stop it coming
I came to grips with losing you

And I know that you've heard it all before
It didn't change a thing
But when I wash up on the shore
Somebody's got to know

This was the last act
Of a desperate man
It took him his whole life
Just to understand that there are
Precious few get dealt a
Winning hand, this was definitely
The act of a desperate man...

All songs written by Big Umbrella and Copyright 1994 by Cornfed Music. All rights reserved. These lyrics were uploaded with the permission of the publisher and the artist.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.