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Garden Variety Lyrics

Garden Variety by Garden Variety

Clicking a song title above will display the song's lyrics. Clicking a song title below will play a short sample of the song (if you have a helper that can play .au files).

Here and Now

today I found a nickel 
and I held it in my hand 
I wished it lots of luck as I 
gave it to the homeless man
He said God bless you 
I said God bless us both 
He smiled and started 
I guess I told a joke
here and now 
ready and willing
touch my heart it is open
kiss my soul if you're willing 
I am ready to be living 
here and now
today I had a notion I had 
to call up my old friend
she said she had a 
poem for me 
and did I hear that 
she was thinking of leaving
I said I will miss you 
and then 
I played her my new song 
We laughed and cried 
we never said goodbye 
and when I called again 
she was gone
here and now. . .
today I made a dollar and 
I'm feeling very rich
I earned it with my labor 
yes I dug my ditch
I'm free from all my worries 
and I cast away my doubts
I am living in this moment 
and tomorrow's gonna 
work itself out
here and now. . .


my strings beats upon the chest
my chest beats upon the heart
my heart beats upon the blood
my blood doesn't flow to my brain
I can tell because 
I'm getting cold
I haven't lived 
and I'm 
feeling old 
and when I talked to her 
she said no.

my brain beats upon the pillow
my pillow beats upon the bed
my bed beats upon the ocean
as she drifts away from me
as I float into the sea
as she is fading in the light
as day turns into night.

Soul Hands

babylon drizzle it's a crying shame
watching the skies and praying for rain
could you be the answer to the world in need
waiting for somebody to plant the seed 

Soul Hands

the skyscrapers are perched and glowing teeth
are chomping as the birds swoop down
open your mouth and close your eyes
hit me hit me hit me are they coming to get me

Soul Hands

I had to hold on to the castle
for fear of losing my throne -
in the corner of the smallest person
is the knowledge that we are alone

ha ha lazy james and the calvin crew
shake your tambourine to the broadway tune
jamie she is writing for the magic show
I hope to God she gives it up and lets it go 

Soul Hands

     I had to hold on to the castle. . .
Soul Hands


I'm afraid of summer because I can't take the heat
it goes on forever collecting in the street
if I could write a love song I'd sing it in the cold
in the days of winter as pure as fallen snow
   don't take my winter
   don't leave me melting
   I'm afraid of summer
   don't take my winter
I wish that I met you when I was seventeen
I would know all the answers to your mysteries
I could tell the stories about us in the past
and how the days of winter didn't last
   don't take my winter. . .
the wind blows quietly 
the trees bend in the night 
and the world goes crawling 
towards the early light 
I watched the morning
change my point of view
and in the last days of winter
I thought of you
   don't take my winter. . .


in the morning light  I looked for you
    I felt your presence near 
I ran into the mountains
    and I shouted in the air
I heard your voice come whispering
    as tears ran down my face 
I hope that you've been listening for
    you are my saving grace
there's nothing you can teach
    that I don't already know
said the foolish boy who was speaking
    to the smiling girl
she said you know so much
    you are the wisest of them all
and then she turned and walked away
    and from grace I did fall
by the afternoon I settled down
    and I waited for the night
the moon moved very slowly
    as I turned out the porch light 
I dreamed I was lost in a crowd
    and then I saw your face
you whispered I still love you
    and you are my saving grace

No Shirt

I crossed the desert in a fiery storm
my mind was flooded and my shirt was torn
I lost my shoes in the sand and the rain
the force of nature is a double eyed star

and the sign said as I fell over from the heat . . . 
no shirt, no shoes, no service

I was born naked and free
then all those restrictions were placed on me
I could not protect myself from vanity
if this is progress, why don't we regress

and the sign said as I lost my head . . . 
no shirt, no shoes, no service

I jumped out of the plane because I thought I could fly
I ripped my cord it felt good to die
oh what a thrill now I'm hungry and cold
I better get dressed I got to look my best

and the sign said as I dropped my pants . . .  
no shirt, no shoes, no service.

Eyes Closed

I took a trip downtown anytown U.S.A.
lots of people looking like somewhere along the line
     they lost their way
all their possessions piled high in a shopping cart
I look the other way I don't want to feel the pain
My heart's not made of stone if I don't see then I don't know
I wonder if I'm better off with my eyes closed
I turn on NPR never mind I think I heard that before
some new crisis coming down or some new war
it's an ugly mess it's a crazy scene but hey it 
don't affect me
it can't hurt me it can't find me 
    shut it off and don't remind me
I don't care because 
I am unaware
I wonder if I'm better off with my eyes closed
I'm so happy here I'm snug and cozy in my nest
soup's on the shades are drawn and I'm in bliss
my music washes over me and I feel fine
I shut the door to save my mind 
    I shut the door on humankind
I shut it out and I turned away  
    I'm just afraid like everybody else
I wonder if I'm better off with my eyes closed 


you walked into my life and I gave you half a chance
 I gave you everything because I liked to watch you dance
  you did not treat me right no you did not treat me fair
   you were my only vice I guess we made a funny pair
so tell me why do you have a hold on me
tell me why can't you set me free
all my friends told me that I'm just wasting my time
 but I could not explain how you captivate my body and my mind
  I tried to ignore you yes I tried to let you go 
   I wrestled with my heart but I never could say no
so tell me why do you have a hold on me
tell me why can't you set me free

Beneath the Wheel

how am I supposed to feel
how am I supposed to deal
in the crushing time
it keeps turning around
how am I gonna be strong
how can I last so long
in the coming days
is there no escape
on top of it all acting big and feeling small
turning around in the road and I see where I have gone
staring up at the rain in the sky that's coming down
caught under the force of the truth that has been found
that has been holding me down
how am I supposed to fly
my wings are buried inside
how am I supposed to hide
out in the open this time
beneath the wheel out in the open beneath the wheel 

Canyon of Tears

can it be 
is it so 
is there something 
wrong with this
 sad old road
   in the canyon 
 of tears
you and I we're like 
weather vanes
giving birth to the 
canyon rains
in the canyon of tears
is there something 
in the canyon air 
makes my world 
fill with despair
is there something   
 in the canyon wind makes
my world 
 start closing in
in on me
are there ghosts
with broken hearts
hanging around before their souls  
in the canyon 
canyon of tears

All songs written by Dug Moldawsky and Copyright 1992 by DugSong Music. All rights reserved. These lyrics were uploaded with the permission of the publisher and the artist.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.