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27 Lyrics

27 by Dennis Phelps

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My World In A Day

Not feeling very vital.
The cold has washed up on the shore.
     don't come around here any more.
sitting here, here for hours.
       Tide came and tide went.
You still won't, you won't tell me
       You see us in the past tense.

                 I'm looking for my world, my world in a day
                 'cause now is today's song,
                 and I'm looking for you to see a way.

I watch couples holding hands,
It comes as no consolation.
When the world comes crashing,
    there's no place left to run.
I never wanted to be wanted,
    like this till I met you.
you took this heart, once torn apart,
    you made me whole, you made me new. 


Be kind to these days,
    you never know how long they'll last
I never thought of us, 
    as being something buried with the past.

Rough Around the Edge

Happy to have today, that wasn't always there,
    sometimes have to climb up to reach the bottom stair
still don't know if the past, is something I'll ever outgrow
    try not to let it close my way, I've got to let it go

                    Just a little rough around the edge
                    your diamond in the dirt
                    Just a little rough around the edge

things I have to do today, I let go till tomorrow
a new life always one day away, still not done with now
Games of one got me at bay, often the music is enough
try and make it fill your day, your edge around the rough

                    Just a little rough around the edge
                    your diamond in the dirt
                    Just a little rough around the edge
                    Find out what it's worth
                    Just a little rough around the end

Bridge          I know I should, but I don't
                I said I would, but I won't

with myself so long, I may not be too pure.
nothing that my song and your attention couldn't cure.

Is There Something

Can't say if I've seen you here before today,
    pretty lady all wrapped in white.
Could we both be feeling the same way?
    Is there something about me you like?
Searching for the perfect words to say to you,
    something you haven't heard before.
Is there something I can show you,
    or are you out to even a score?

           Can my thoughts be filled with tomorrow morning,
           when all I am, is here with you tonight?
           And my ears no longer hear any warning,
           Is there something about me that you like?

Don't know what it is about you, that draws me off my shelf,
    the lonely have got that look in their eyes.
Maybe, with all one goes through, in you I see myself.
    try and smile with me, and wish for the skies.


Stay with me till day light turns to black,
    it's only a one night stand, if you don't come back

A Transient Life

New York Harbor, I said so long,  
    To a drunken sailor I called Dad.
(left me) a watch of gold, a brand new baseball glove
    glove for the catch we never had.
Tried to walk the line straight and true, always setting up somewhere new
    I've got all kinds of keys, none that fits these locks,
that traps my eyes on the sea, Northeast down along the docks

Many frown on this "cross that bridge" 
          style, I'm not sure I approve myself
I've got no commitments to reconcile
          stay in the best twenty dollar motels
I win the wars, but I lose my personnel
    write 'bout nothing, 'cause I do it so very well
I've learned not to question, don't care for your answer
        can't hold my attention, it's as transient as the weather.

Seems like I just got my bags unpacked,
    haven't done much to make anyone proud
I carry my achievements 'round in a paper sack
    When I cry, I don't cry very loud
the ocean keeps you alive somehow 
    God only knows how I need you now
and if you find me, in your transient life, stop in for a cold one
        tell me stories of a transient life, as if I didn't know one.

Little More Human

We've screwed up the seasons, fish wash up on the shore.
today there's plenty reason, to believe in the lord.
even he has to strain, to keep himself pure.
man's acid rain, raining on heaven's door

    the world is more today, than I ever cared it to be
    and I'm a little more human, than I set out to be
    I always thought there would be you and me,
       but I'm a little more human, than I set out to be.

Gonna conquer the world, let no one stand before me
I've conjured up this girl, she said she stand for me.
I plead guilty to nothing, but what's behind me
let nothing stand waiting there to remind me


Holy men falling from grace, who can you trust
I need something sacred, I thought that was us
Can't clear this gray, gray that clouds my sight
clouds that make me wonder where you are tonight.

It Doesn't Matter Now

Got these demons here in my mind,
    they won't let me go.
you might not like what you find, 
    or what there is to know
But then there's when I hold you,
I feel I can win the world
the way you breathe my name
there's no sweeter sound heard.
                    It doesn't matter now

Much rather tell you now,
than to lead you on.
I'm not anyone you can count on.
But you brought a light my way
you took the darkness from my past.
how long would you have stayed?
There were questions you never asked.
                    It doesn't matter now, it doesn't matter now.

              I'd rather tell you now,It doesn't matter now

A mere shadow of myself
trapped in this view
the things I deny myself
I'd only end up denying you
but you brought a light my way
took the darkness from my past.
how long would you have stayed?
there were questions you never asked.

Done Doin Time

It's not as if the story's not old
    beatin' my head, 'cause you won't be mine,
motel room, locked myself in the cold,
    found my being by the vacant sign,
no more living more bought than sold.

            Girl, I'm done doing time
                I'm better now than when I was
             I'm done doin' time
                You put me away like I never was

No more dreams of you dancin' through my head,
    Goin' to look around where colors shine.
Black is one I'll learn to shed,
    got me walking around, like I mourn the dead.


forget my face, lose my number.
    past the point of drawing any lines.
I just don't want to remember
    don't want to know, save your dime
times too good to remember.

Idle Hands

Sittin' here, I've got nothing to do,
offseason, baby, I'm thinking about you
beatin' on my six string satisfies certain plans
got nothing better to do with these idle hands

            These idle hands got nothing better to do
             These idle hands, idling over you

these idle hands of mine, they don't beg or steal
you'll often find them wrapped around a hired wheel
no longer reaching for that little spoon
and I'm glad to be back from my trip to the moon


You'll never find these hands calling from behind bars
no longer taking chances, keep them free from scars
no longer writing about something I may never feel
then they slap me in the face, as if to sat to get real

What Could Have Been

You still have a piece of my heart
much more than I had imagined.
It's my one regret in life,
not to have stayed with you.
and I had no idea
what your life is about now
But I heard it through the grapevine,
that you're very beautiful.

    After all these years,
     I still dream of what could've been.
    and in the morning when I wake
     I'm entranced with these thoughts of you,
         and what could've been.

These dreams remind me,
what it feels like to be real love.
such a feeling
is long too forgotten
it is the morning,
after one of those dreams,
and I don't want these feelings,
to fade away.

Probably spend my whole life, just dreamin' and wondering.
I can't keep this feeling, inside any longer.
I just wanted to know, 
must that kiss you gave me last night stay only in my dreams?
must that wish you granted me last night, Stay only in my dreams?

All I Wanted Was A Thank You

For as Long as You Look at Me That Way

Tried to write a note, comes out better like this.
called up, but twice hung the phone. Nothing about your ignorance I miss.

Like banging my head against a wall, cause it feels good when I'm done,
this heart pumps ice through it's walls, till it's knockin' on yours again.

        After all this time,
        you'd think I'd know to stay away.
        I'm there this and every day,
        for as long as you look at me that way.

Maybe there's things you see for us, but you're not sayin'.
you're controlling me with those eyes, with my life you're playin'.

But I'll take that feeling, from wherever it comes.
you know I'll be there kneeling, right there when it comes.


Go ahead, girl, rub me in the dirt, feeling anything is feeling something.
next time I need my heart hurt, I'll be sure to give you a ring.

Soldier First

Ribbons of service, bright blue and gold,
hang proudly near a military fold.
Desk job, uniform, check twice a month,
all happy campers, eyes out front.
Spending your busy days, updating your will,
weekend war games in the hills.

  So busy being "all you can be", Instead of who you are,
  So busy being soldier first, Instead of who you are.

Can't be a parent, might need you overseas,
it wasn't you who taught thank yous and please.
first in line, when duty calls,
grandma will be there when little boys fall.
children seem to learn what they live,
it's hard enough, will there be anything left to give.


Time to turn around eyes bright blue,
take a good look at who's looking at you.
The service has a way of enlisting your soul,
it's just like the rest, it's getting way too old.

Pretty For Me

Why can't we learn, Can't we turn and see?
Baby, when you burn, do it just for me.
When you think good things, think them of me.
When you make yourself pretty, pretty for me. 

               Girl, can't you see, forever as we?
               Girl, won't you be, pretty for me?
               Girl, can't you see,  forever as we?
               Girl, won't you be, pretty for me?

To tell me to forget us, goes against my grain.
Like telling one who suffers, to feel no pain.
My success is something, I don't care to have alone.
Need you to need me again, not some friend on the phone


Say that you'll be mine, send those other boys away.
They couldn't give you in a lifetime, What I can in one day
Have to let you know what you do to me.
When you make yourself pretty, pretty for me.

When All You Got is Alone

Two years gone, far too long
    to be livin' by the same address.
I'm that page in your black book,
      that never gets any rest.

Done some deeds, planted some seeds,
    never stuck around to watch them grow.
My father's son, second to none,
a rock and a hard place, only a stone's throw.

            When all you got is alone,
             your heart turns to stone,
            When all you got is alone.

Good friends such, stay in touch,
 if you remember to call,
I'm outta mind, they're outta touch,
 if you remember them at all.

Another day, I had to pay,
humbled, feet frozen in stone.
I've come this far, wishing on a star,
when all you got is alone.

Babe, I'll Be Good for You

One eye in the rear view, cops watchin' me fly by.
Watched things happen to me, never cared enough to ask why.
There was no more then, nothing in my wallet said my name.
There was no more then, my ass in the snow, myself to blame.

        A life without love, don't care to be living.
                       let's see this thing through.
        It's all I care about being,
            Babe, I'll be good for you.

Never seemed to matter much, A place to call my own.
A palace is a prison cell, if you reign there alone.
There was no more down the hall, 
        than hot and cold running water.
There was no more than downstairs, 
        than eight ball and three songs a quarter.

Same post office and phone, I'm closer now to finding a place.
I wish I didn't have to do it alone, If I can just see it in your face.
Got a place to cook my meals, though I never do.
Give me just one thing that's real, and  babe I'll be good for you.

The Can Man

It's cold here, here in this place,
the biting air, on your stone cold face,
one stiff swig, from the bottle that let you rest,
it's another day, to be put to the test.

            The Can Man, got to let him be,
            he feeds more than he's fed,
            he finds the lonely in you and me,
            broken dreams feather his bed.

Now who would spend time,
to share some good grace?
Maybe he cared not to see life in anyone's face.
A man needs love to make him strong.
for the can man, that's a feeling long gone.


How could you see with you're frozen eyes,
or feel with no warmth in your heart,
when you screamed out in pain,
no one listened.
When you laid down and died,
no one did their part.

The Way I'm Goin Blues

How can I get up, when you keep lettin' me down?
any brass ring to grab onto, baby, you keep lettin' me down.
if by chance you're lookin' for me,
I'll be on the blue side of town.

Girl, I've got this nothing, stickin' to the bottom of my shoes.
Can't lift my head up, baby, I'm stuck at the bottom of my shoes.
I've got them "never get to where you're goin',
the way I'm goin' now" blues.

Travel 'round so many miles, blues is the only place I've been.
Travel 'round with my empty smile, Blue is the only place I've been.
feel like I'm chippin' away on a rockpile, baby,
I'm dreamin' of your sweet lovin' again.

Girl, I got this low down feeling, as old as yesterday's news.
feel like the whole world's reelin', draggin'  'round yesterday's news.
I've got those "never get to where you're goin'
the way I'm goin' now "blues.

A Second Look

In another time, in another place,
    primary meeting, way off base.
your eyes now touching mine, long left alone,
    nice to hear sorrow in our tone.
you got your life, and I got mine,
    wouldn't be nice of you to share your time.

        A second look is what it took,
        to know that I can stand by your side.
        A second spent, how far it went.
        turn towards me and in me, confide.

Don't have much, but what's mine is yours.
turn to me when you feel ignored.
turn to me and I'll cover your night,
when reasoning seems out of sight.
A kind word, a different voice,
share my closeness tonight, if that's your choice.


been deep in these long empty miles,
pleases me to see content in your smile.
let my kiss, tonight send you to sleep,
something sacred we both can keep.
feels good to feel warmth in your tone,
anywhere with you, better than anywhere alone.

Fair Weather Friend

I do things only my mind allows, 
    even things you should be able to see,
but I'm going thru some bad times now, 
    and you act like you don't know me

So many times, the rich man you'll buy a drink,
    and the beggar like trash you'll push aside
that may not be as smart as you think
    but you have had your time to decide

                    Where are you now, my fair weather friend
                 now that I'm down and I need you
                   Where are you now, my fair weather friend
                  now that I'm down and I need you.

You know who you are and I want you to know,
    that after I realize what a fool I've been,
I'll know that life don't end for just a bit of snow,
    I'll pick myself up and start over again.

         Where are you now, my fair weather friend
            now that I'm down and I need you
       Where are you now, my fair weather friend
         to mine own self, I'll be true

Solitary Time

Time steals strength from your form,
    but not the fire in your eyes.
Those of us, for now, well and warm
       day to day living little lies.

Can't drown out focused footsteps down the hall
    daily reminder of where you stand.
watching the sun's shodow on the wall
    hungry for a hand.

            There's light in places you don't see
            look for me, I'm always there
            Here in this solitary time,
            something about your pain I share

find it inside for something to believe in
       there's hope to keep your head up high
don't ever lose that dream you're dreamin',
       that thirst in you will never die.

All songs written by Dennis Phelps (music) and Chris Cull (lyrics) and Copyright 1991 by One Hot Note Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. These lyrics were uploaded with the permission of the publisher and the artist.

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