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(Not to be confused with our forthcoming FAQ.)

So far, we've gotten almost 2000 postcards back. Lots of you had questions - here are the answers.

How can you afford to do this?

(My favorite question.)

You may not know it, but Racer is a tiny company. At the moment, it's just one person, although I do get a lot of help from my boyfriend and from my friends. The sampler giveaway was financed with money from my other business (Macintosh computer work). For the time being, I'm continuing to do some of that so I can keep Racer going.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know yet whether I'll be able to do Volume 2 of Racer Radio. It really depends on album sales. So, if you're interested in buying one (or two or six) of the albums, see page 7 for details.

(Man, I hate making sales pitches. Back to the questions.)

Are future samplers free?

Absolutely. We consider it a privilege to have your attention for an hour.

Where can I buy Racer albums?

We're (intentionally) not sold in many record stores. You can buy directly from us, though, by sending in the order form on page 7. If you prefer to buy from a store, please ask the store owner to call us - we're happy to work other folks who love music.

Are there any other artists on Racer?

Nope, the six you've heard are the six we've got. Of course, we're very interested in hearing new bands for future compilation albums.

Why don't you have more techno / progressive / country / new age?

Well, there are two things that determine whether we put out a certain type of music: first, whether I hear it, and second, whether I like it. I'll only put out music I absolutely love. However, if I never hear something, I don't have a chance to like it.

Can I send you a demo?

Yes. Racer is always interested in new music. Even if it's not exactly what we're looking for, we'll pass it along to someone else if it's appropriate. Feel free to send demos to the Fillmore Street address, Attn: A & R. See page 8 for more information.

Where are the bands from?

Splatter Trio and Amy X Neuburg are from the San Francisco area; Garden Variety, Wonderboy, and Big Umbrella are from Los Angeles; and Dennis Phelps is from New York state.

Are there t-shirts or posters?

Garden Variety's just done a great t-shirt (black, with the CD label design on the front and the Racer logo on the back), and Splatter Trio has a cool white one with splatters of color on it. We hope to have a Racer shirt within a few months. Call for details.

Thanks for the questions and all the great comments - keep 'em coming!

Excerpted from The Racer Record, the Racer Records newsletter.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.