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A (Very) Brief History of Racer Records

Racer Records has really only been in business for about three months (NOTE: as of the date this was written, in early 1993) - we started sending out samplers around the 15th of December. But the idea started growing about two years ago.

I had gone to a music business seminar, and what I learned there about the limited options artists have and the details of standard record contracts made me mad. I wanted to do something about it. But it's hard enough for major labels to get airplay for their artists, and if the bands don't get heard, why would anyone buy their records?

At the same time, I was getting more and more frustrated by formula radio. (Fortunately, local radio has taken huge turns for the better in the last couple of years.) I wasn't hearing much that I liked on the air - yet I knew there was good stuff out there that wasn't getting played.

At some point it occurred to me that a sampler could help take the place of radio. It would be a way for several artists to get their music heard, and for fans to hear new music.

It took me about a year to find my first six artists (it's not that easy to find a bunch of bands you're crazy about) and get everything set up.

So far, though, it's going great. I've heard from over 6000 music fans in just 3 months. I'm glad to know you all, and hope you'll be a part of Racer for many years to come.

- Kristi Wachter
Head RacerHead

Excerpted from The Racer Record, the Racer Records newsletter. Copyright 1993 Racer Records.

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