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The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters are the band that made me want to start a record label. They sound like no one else.

The Potato Eaters are:

Emily Bezar: vocals, keyboards
In addition to her work with the Potato Eaters, Emily has a wonderful solo album out, entitled Grandmother's Tea Leaves.
Ben Guy: vocals, bass
Ben was a member of Snakefinger before forming the Potato Eaters.
David Phillips: pedal steel guitar, vocals, Dobro
David has played with a whole lot of interesting people, including Stephen Yerkey and Charlie Hunter. He also guested on one track on Cactus Motel's Home. His distinctive pedal steel playing graced Tom Waits' Bone Machine.
Gino Robair: drums, percussion, mandolin
Gino has also played with a lot of interesting people. He was involved in John Zorn's Cobra project and has played with Clubfoot Orchestra. Racerheads may know him better as the percussionist for Splatter Trio.
Michael Ross: guitar
Michael plays regularly around the Bay Area, most visibly with Me Jane.

The Potato Eaters have released one album through Racer Records:

  • Wreckless
    The Wreckless page has links to album artwork, complete lyrics, and sound files for every song on the album.

Two earlier releases, The Potato Eaters and I Thought I Heard You, are available through Rastascan Records. For more information, contact Gino Robair at GinoRobair@aol.com.

Three of the Potato Eaters are online. Here's where to reach them:

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.