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Abbey Road To Ruin - A Guided Tour

A Guided Tour to Abbey Road To Ruin

by Kristi Wachter, Head Racerhead, Racer Records (Please note that all descriptions were written by an unabashed fan; your mileage may vary.)


  • That's Not Me Talking

    Pointless classification: Rocker
    The first song on the album, a real rocker - sort of "there's words coming out of my mouth but who the heck is saying that stuff?"
    Sound clip is taken from second verse and half of second chorus.
    "I can't think with optimism swimming in my head ..."

  • All Teary Eyed

    Pointless classification: Power Ballad
    One of my favorites. Great, memorable, evocative lyrics riding a cool groove.
    Sound clip is taken from first chorus.
    "I have always seen her as a babe lost in the woods, who always saw a blurry line between the bad and good ..."

  • Looks Count

    Pointless classification: Heavy Rocker
    Great guitar feedback in the verses. Rapid-fire lyric delivery.
    Sound clip is taken from first verse and chorus.
    "You can't talk to Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo - so I guess what I'm saying is: looks count ..."

  • Not A Kid Anymore

    Pointless classification: Power Ballad
    An amazing power ballad that ends with one of the best lines in rock and roll. Starts with just vocal and guitar, then the rest of the band kicks in.
    Sound clip is taken from the second verse.
    "It's not like the world has changed, so I guess it must be me ..."

  • Wrong With Us

    Pointless classification: Heavy Rocker
    A thoughtful rocker about watching your friends' values change. Good driving beat. Lead vocal by Pat.
    Sound clip is taken from second verse and chorus.
    "If we don't like what they've become, is there something wrong with us?"

  • Believe

    Pointless classification: Power Pop
    An incredibly sweet, funny love song. Terrific, smart, goofy lyrics. Wonderful verse-to-chorus-to-bridge-to-guitar-solo segue.
    Sound clip is taken from second chorus-bridge-guitar solo (see above).
    "I can believe being an accountant's fun, and I can believe that it snows on the sun, but I can't believe I'm with a girl like you ..."

  • This World Alone

    Pointless classification: Power Ballad
    This song speaks to me of the loneliness inside friendship. Extremely simple guitar/vocal intro complemented by nice subtle percussion, ends with a very nice solo that recalls Brian May and dual vocals between Robbie and Pat.
    Sound clip is taken from second verse and half of chorus.
    "You're my conscience, you're in every mirror - still sometimes, you're no one I know ..."

  • Build Me Up Buttercup

    Pointless classification: Rocker
    A great exuberant cover of the late '60's Foundations classic. Impossible not to sing along.
    Sound clip is taken from second chorus.
    "Worst of all, you never call baby when you say you will, but I love you still ..."

  • Sunshine Love

    Pointless classification: Rocker
    A nice shimmery pop love song penned and sung by Dave. Very nice mid-to-late-60's pop sound.
    Sound clip is taken from first chorus and half of second verse.
    "Then I see you there with gold in your hair and you're sunshine love ..."

  • The Ones With The Guns

    Pointless classification: Heavy Rocker
    Schizophrenic rocker with rapid-fire verses and half-speed choruses. Gets points with me for using big words in smart ways (you don't often hear the word "cauterized" in a pop song). Political content.
    Sound clip is taken from second chorus.
    "Lock up your daughters, they've been acting kind of strange, where the bars on their windows are the harbingers of change ..."

  • Why Is It Cold In Here

    Pointless classification: Power Pop Rock Ballad (huh?)
    Unpredictable verse melodies slip into a hooky chorus. A meditation on what, exactly, defines a truly successful relationship.
    Sound clip is taken from the second chorus with a bit of bridge on either side.
    "We've got all of the things that make a house a home - why is it cold in here?"

  • Reel Me In

    Pointless classification: Power Pop
    Nifty bongos are a backdrop to the laid-back verses; high energy choruses drive the song along. I love the little guitar noodle after the line "I guess you're just full of surprises."
    Sound clip is taken from second half of second verse and second chorus (includes aforementioned cool little guitar riff).
    "When the air cools from the heat you left, optimism becomes regret ..."

  • No Good At Love

    Pointless classification: Straight-up Rocker
    One of my favorite songs on the album. EXTREMELY high-energy song. Funny and wistful and kind of in your face in the nicest possible way.
    Sound clip is taken from second half of second verse and first half of second chorus.
    "I never used to think it's me, but it's a common thread since virginity - I guess I'm just no good at love ..."

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.