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Album Profile - Fistful of Dewey by Splatter 3 + 2

Considering the way these guys put words together, it's almost a shame that their music is unaccompanied by lyrics (unless you count the occasional snatches of conversation spattered across a few of the quieter moments of this live recording).

The liner notes, written by Splatter Trio guitar-and-bassman Myles Boisen, speak of "Dear Jonathan" as "a staple with its prongs sunk deep in stick-on-log jams" and calls Gino's organ intro "half Sun Ra, half Messiaen and half heat exhaustion."

Recorded at San Francisco's Chameleon Club with a couple of friends, this live album really shows off Splatter's improv interplay.

Suite I Loose and Baggy Monsters 'Musing (for Mingus) The Music of Upper and Lower Sivad Suite II Dear Jonathan Correct Change River to Lagos Pollock's Bollocks Suite III Peter Herley Pt. I Peter Herley Pt. II

Excerpted from The Racer Record, the Racer Records newsletter.

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