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Roots of the Traveller (Racer 1015)

Roots of the Traveller by Acoustica

On Acoustica's debut release, the band reinvents acoustic music that rocks. With stunning harmonies and spirited riffs, their sound echoes Dave Matthews and Barenaked Ladies, David Wilcox and Crosby Stills and Nash, but is unmistakably their own.

Check out the band's great reviews!

CityBeat: "... a whirling dervish of organic sounds, highlighted by the band members' tight vocal harmonies... "
Oxford Press: "...an overwhelming success - a diverse, enjoyable CD"
The Amusement : "...strong chemistry ... finally a band that can be recognized for their sound"

Roots of the Traveller contains 12 songs:

Song Title

RealAudio (28.8 modems)

RealAudio (ISDN)


60 K 149 K


59 K 149 K

Postmark Birmingham

64 K 160 K


66 K 164 K

4th St. Bridge

68 K 169 K


53 K 131 K


59 K 146 K

Swingin' Door

62 K 153 K


68 K 170 K

Carried on the Wind

59 K 146 K


59 K 147 K

Coming Home

50 K 124 K

The players:

Jay Brunner
gutars, capos, and vocals
Scott Lee
basses and vocals
Mark Becknell
all the other stuff that gets beat on and vocals
Nick Mavridoglou has joined Acoustica since the CD was released
playing all kinds of extremely cool percussion

Complete lyrics are also available. A listening guide will be uploaded soon!

More information is available about Acoustica.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.