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Into Long Night (Racer 1013)

Into Long Night by Garden

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available.


Garden's second CD reprises the acoustic flavors of their debut - wah-wah acoustic guitar, mandolin, and violin, with the angelic harmonies of twin sisters Molly and Linda weaving mesmerizing melodies around lead vocalist Dug Moldawsky's provocative lyrics. Garden's sound is reminiscent of It's A Beautiful Day and Poi Dog Pondering.

Into Long Night contains 11 songs:

Song Title

RealAudio (28.8 modems)

RealAudio (14.4 modems)

Coming Back

54 K

28 K

Swept Away

54 K

28 K


57 K

29 K

Bottom Stair

51 K

26 K


70 K

36 K

Fisherman's Hornpipe

57 K

30 K


57 K

29 K


65 K

34 K

Hammerin Days

57 K

29 K


73 K

38 K

Gone Away

54 K

28 K

The players:

Dug Moldawsky
vocals, lowden acoustic guitar
Molly Ruttan-Moffat
vocals, drums, percussion
Linda Ruttan
vocals, percussion, congas
Matt McFadden
Finn Taylor
James Sneyd

Complete lyrics are also available. A listening guide will be uploaded soon!

More information is available about Garden.

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.