Racer Records has released 18 albums so far:

Sports! Chips! Booty! by Amy X Neuburg & Men

Zircus Smashes! by Zircus

He Had A Spaceship by Tom Tom McKoo

Redfish Bluefish by Redfish Bluefish

Roots of the Traveller by Acoustica

Napoleon Blown Apart by Wonderboy

Into Long Night by Garden

Home by Cactus Motel

Ever Ever Land by Big Umbrella

Wreckless by The Potato Eaters

Utechma by Amy X Neuburg & Men

Abbey Road To Ruin by Wonderboy

Guru by Big Umbrella

Songs 91 to 85 by Amy X Neuburg

Garden Variety by Garden

Fruit by Big Umbrella

Fistful of Dewey by Splatter 3+2

27 by Dennis Phelps

Wonderboy by Wonderboy


We've also released Racer Radio Volume 1, a free compilation album with 11 selections from our first six releases.

Information about how and where to buy Racer albums is also available - or you can go straight to our order form.