We're very sorry, but we're no longer taking requests for free samplers.

We started giving away free samplers in 1993. We gave away about 20,000 free copies of Racer Radio Volume 1 before we ran out .

As it turns out, the free sampler giveaway is a victim of its own success; we just got too many requests.

We still want you to be able to hear our artists. There are a number of ways you can do that:

We apologize to those who missed the free offer, and we thank everyone for the enthusiastic response - we're really pleased that so many people took the time to check out our artists!

Racer Radio Volume 1

Our first free sampler, Racer Radio Volume 1, was given away to almost 20,000 people.

Racer Radio Volume 1 contained 11 songs from the first six releases on the Racer Records label.

Full-length albums by each of these artists are also available.

The musical styles include intelligent power pop, folk rock, alternative rock, experimental pop, and even freeform jazz.