Ever Ever Land by Big Umbrella

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available.

Big Umbrella's third CD has a heavy, aggressive sound. Massive guitars saturate the intimate "Oil", and a wall of vocals swells under the choruses of "Soak It Up." Even the poppier tunes ("Easily Maim the Lion," "Tasty") benefit from the bite and kick of this album's grittier musical direction.

Ever Ever Land contains 13 songs:

Song Title

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154 K 62 K


149 K 60 K


150 K 61 K

Easily Maim The Lion

142 K 57 K

Nothing's Too High

154 K 62 K


146 K 59 K

Use A Gun

139 K 56 K

Soak It Up

149 K 60 K


149 K 60 K


150 K 61 K


149 K 60 K


161 K 65 K

Happy As Clams

147 K 59 K

Complete lyrics have been uploaded with the songwriters' permission. A highly subjective listening guide is also available, giving you a little more background on the songs and the sound files created from them.

More information is available about Big Umbrella (including a profile taken from the first issue of the Racer newsletter) and their first two albums, Fruit and Guru.