Utechma by Amy X Neuburg & Men

A full-size scan of the CD cover is available.

Utechma has gotten rave reviews!

Utechma contains 17 songs:

Song Title

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142 K 58 K

Man Jam #18 (Hi Hi)

Into That Hole

148 K 60 K



147 K 60 K

Get That Camera Out Of Here

146 K 59 K


144 K 58 K

Man Jam #36 (Okay)


149 K 60 K

Money In The Sky

148 K 60 K

Man Jam #11 (Klang)

Man Jam #30 (Herb Goes Downtown)


145 K 59 K

My Empire

173 K 70 K

Man Jam #13 (Jigue)


149 K 60 K

Hunger For Heaven

147 K 59 K

Complete lyrics have been uploaded with the songwriters' permission. A highly subjective listening guide is also available, giving you a little more background on the songs and the sound files created from them.

More information is available about Amy X Neuburg (including a profile taken from the first issue of the Racer newsletter).