Racer Records can be reached using the following combinations of letters and numbers:

Electronic Addresses

Telephone Numbers

US Mail

Racer Records
2443 Fillmore St., #202
San Francisco, CA 94115

Contacting Racer Artists

Several Racer Records artists are online. Here's where to reach them:
Emily Bezar of the Potato Eaters
email: emwomp@aol.com
Eddie Cleland of Big Umbrella
email: cleland@sprynet.com
Ben Guy of the Potato Eaters
email: mrguybob@aol.com
Dug Moldawsky of Garden Variety
email: dug@pacopost.com
Amy X Neuburg
email: amyx@isproductions.com
Robbie Rist of Wonderboy
email: trash24713@aol.com
Gino Robair of Splatter Trio and The Potato Eaters
email: GinoRobair@aol.com
Kristi Wachter, Head Racerhead
email: racer@racerrecords.com
WWW home page: http://www.racerrecords.com/Kristi.html