Essay question: Describe this album in one word.

Energy. Smart energy; passionate energy ... physical, tangible energy.

Give three examples.

1. The opening chords to the first song start the album off with a feeling of manic motion. The words describe someone reacting to a confusing world, but he's not just standing there bewildered, he's grabbing you by the lapels and demanding answers.

2. The brilliant mini-solos in "The F Word" shift the song from a steady, frustrated drive into a bottom-dropping-out-of-your-stomach upside-down-on-the-roller-coaster sensation, without ever losing the fingers-drumming-on-the-table bass groove.

3. The major chords and slightly slower pace of "Wait Forever" reinforce the youthful idealism of the chorus, conjuring up a place where bad things are less real and you can afford to be patient because the world is inherently good.

Extra credit: List the songs.

Shouldn't I Know More By Now * Web Of Lies * Fair Is Fair * We Cry * Burning Bridges * The F Word * Rebel Town * Turn About Is Fair Play * Now You've Proven Me Right About Girls * You Can Rest Easy Tonight * Wait Forever

Excerpted from The Racer Record, the Racer Records newsletter.