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What Is This?

This collection of web pages is my way of sharing my archive of Styx information with their other fans. I've been a Styx fan since 1977, and I've amassed quite a collection of articles, trivia, and information. I'm very excited that the Internet makes it easy to share this information - much of it extremely difficult to find anywhere else - with my fellow enthusiasts.

Please note that this site is more of an archive; it is NOT the best place to get news about the band. If you're interested in the latest info (and there has been a lot going on recently), please check out some of the Styx-related pages below, and join the Styx electronic mailing list.

Other Styx Sites

Please note that there are other, more-established, very cool Styx pages:

The Styx Mailing List

If you have questions about Styx, or if you're interested in trading Styx collectibles, I STRONGLY urge you to join the Styx mailing list. The fine people there collectively know way more about Styx than I ever will, and many of them have interesting things to trade (whereas I have nothing to trade, unfortunately).

To join the Styx mailing list, send mail to with the message


Contacting Me

Please note that I DO NOT know how to contact the band, I am NOT in contact with the band or their management (I'm just another fan), and I don't have anything I want to sell or trade.

If you do want to contact me directly, you can reach me, Kristi Wachter, and my record label, Racer Records, on the Internet at; and on the phone at 415-931-1614. (Remember, I don't have any collectibles for sale or trade, and I don't know any Styx member's e-mail address.) Please forgive me if I don't get back to you right away; sometimes I fall way behind on my personal communications.

With the exception of any material I've written myself, the information posted here was created by, and is therefore copyright by, other parties. I have included them here in the spirit of fair use, with the intent of sharing information that is not available anywhere else with others who have a serious interest in Styx. With particular regard to any interviews, I'm hopeful that the actual words of various band members will shed more light on topics we've been heatedly discussing on the mailing list. Anyone who feels that I have infringed their copyright is encouraged to contact me so that I can help resolve their concerns immediately.

I hope you enjoy the stuff I've put here!

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