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Redfish Bluefish Bio

In 1991 in Boston, MA, three musicians at Berklee College of Music began to play blues and songs and strange musical mutations on a boat in the Boston harbor. Although they could have been called a "garage band", the boat was what they had to work with. Geoff Pearlman played guitar and sang some songs, Jon Evans played bass and drove the boat, and Dan Foltz supplied a natural drum feel and proved to be quite the whistler.

Graduating to a steady gig at a Somerville pub, the band began to infuse original songs as well as their own take on the blues into the set.

However all good things must come to an end and, upon graduation from Berklee, the waterlogged combo relocated to San Francisco. Under the name Redfish Bluefish, they began to play the SF club scene and quickly built a mailing list and a following.

In 1996, the band acted as backup unit for former 4 Non Blonde Linda Perry. They toured in Europe and functioned as a fine opening act as well. In the USA, they backed Linda as she opened for the Who and shared stages with acts such as Iggy Pop and Beck.

Geoff Pearlman and Dan Foltz eventually became part of Storm and Her Dirty Mouth and shortly thereafter Jon Evans toured the world playing bass for Tori Amos. Yet somehow the 9-year old Redfish Bluefish still managed to record their debut album on Racer Records in their home studio.

This album features songs from the band's long lifespan as well as recent compositions. Look for Redfish Bluefish on tour this spring with Storm and Her Dirty Mouth and check out the debut self-titled LP on Racer Records.

Redfish Bluefish has released one album through Racer Records:

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