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Racer Records Captain's Log - Aug 20 '95

Lots of people have asked about the day-to-day workings of an indie label, so I thought I'd start giving a little running commentary of just exactly what it is I do around here.

Captain's Logs are written sporadically and tend to get skipped if I'm insanely busy or am doing a lot of computer consulting (and hence very little Racer work).

I'll try to post this as consistently as possible until I forget to do it, I run out of time, or I find out people think it's incredibly pretentious and boring.

Comments and questions are heartily encouraged.

My computer is still acting up, but I still managed to get a lot done, especially in preparation for the massive sampler mailings I need to do ...

Captain's Log, Monday, August 14, 1995

Took part of the day off to go to a movie.

Captain's Log, Tuesday, August 15, 1995

Took part of the day off to go to a movie.

Captain's Log, Wednesday, August 16, 1995

* spent much of the day dealing with computer problems

* paid a bunch of bills

* assembled 160 samplers

Phone Calls:

* spoke with an artist about our demo policies.

* spoke with an artist about her upcoming Racer release. They had planned to cover a song by an English artist, but have decided to leave the song off the album.

* spoke with the CD duplicators about Utechma. They're nearly done duplicating the raw CDs; they wanted to know when the booklets would arrive at the plant.

Captain's Log, Thursday, August 17, 1995

* worked on typing up artist interviews

* did lots of address untangling (converting e-mailed sampler requests into a format that my database can use); imported over 1000 addresses into the database

* filled a mail order

Phone Calls:

* spoke with a consulting client

Captain's Log, Friday, August 18, 1995

* did more address untangling

* assembled 100 samplers

Phone Calls:

* spoke with a consulting client (had a telephone conference scheduled)

* spoke with a buyer for a California one-stop who's a big fan of Big Umbrella. I offered him tickets to their upcoming show at the Whiskey.

* spoke with another consulting client about a different job

* spoke with the CD duplicators about Utechma. I confirmed some details about what they're charging me (I thought they were overcharging me, but I was wrong - I had forgotten to figure in the extra 3 cents for clear jewel boxes). I also asked them to Fed Ex 100 raw CDs, along with unassembled jewel boxes, to my office. The booklet people will be sending me some booklets, so I can assemble 100 CDs for early distribution to press and radio folks.

* spoke with the printers who are doing the booklets for Utechma. The booklets should ship Monday.

* spoke with the new booker at a local club. Amy was scheduled to play there, but they're cancelling all their shows in September and rescheduling them. I had him talk to Amy directly.

* spoke with Amy about contracts and Fed Exing CDs here for early distribution to press

Captain's Log, Saturday, August 19, 1995

* prepared contract for Amy

* deleted duplicates from database. I found over 100 duplicates just in the set of people I'm about to send samplers to ... which means that 100 samplers that would have gone to people already getting one, will now go to people who HAVEN'T gotten one.

* Went to see Cui Jian, China's biggest rock star

Phone Calls:

* spoke with an artist who had sent me a demo. He was referred to me by an A&R rep at a major label, who likes his work but doesn't think her label is the best route for his development at the moment. I like the tape he's sent me, and I asked to hear more of his work. I told him more about Racer, as well.

* spoke with Amy X Neuburg. Instead of coming by today, she'll be coming by on Tuesday, to pick up a few advance CDs and the contracts. She gave me timings for all the songs, which I needed for the mechanical licenses. (I have to pay artists more if the songs are over 5 minutes long.)

Captain's Log, Sunday, August 20, 1995

* consulting work - did some WWW development for a local recording studio

* deleted duplicates from database

The Captain's Log is an inside look at the day-to-day operations of an indie label. Contents may have settled during shipping. Questions, comments, ideas, and thoughts are encouraged (whether or not they're related to the log).


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