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Big Umbrella Airplay

Big Umbrella's latest CD, Ever Ever Land, has been getting LOTS of airplay. We're especially excited about the ongoing airplay on:

XHRM The Flash      San Diego, CA
WZRH The Zephryr    New Orleans, LA
WBRU            Providence, RI
WCHZ            Augusta, GA
KISZ            Farmington, NM
If you're near your radio this weekend (August 10 & 11), be sure to tune in to those five stations AND:
KNNC    Georgetown, TX
WCYY    Portland, ME
KNRQ    Eugene, OR
KQDS    Duluth, MN
KAEP    Spokane, WA
KTOZ    Springfield, MO
- all of these stations are likely to play Big Umbrella on their new music shows this weekend.

The disc is also getting play on over 220 college stations across the country, including:

Heavy Rotation:

Station City    State   Chart Position

WRGW    Washington  DC  30
WONC    Chicago IL  17
WLTL    La Grange   IL  18
WEAX    Angola  IN  27
KLSU    Baton Rouge LA  17
WZLY    Wellesley   MA  
WTHS    Holland MI  29
KUMD    Duluth  MN  22
KNEU    Kirksville  MO  14
KCFV    Saint Louis MO  1
KMSM    Butte   MT  17
WNEC    Henniker    NH  16
WSVA    New York    NY  29
WNYO    Oswego  NY  27
WPLT    Plattsburgh NY  
WDCC    Poughkeepsie    NY  21
WRUC    Schenectady NY  
KBVR    Corvallis   OR  
WZBT    Gettysburg  PA  19
WPSH    Middletown  PA  30
WVRU    Radford VA  8
KUPS    Tacoma  WA  11

Medium Rotation:

Station City    State   Chart Position

KSUA    Fairbanks   AK  
WVUA    Tuscaloosa  AL  
KXCI    Tucson  AZ  
KSUN    Rohnert Park    CA  
KCSB    Santa Barbara   CA  
KPAC    Stockton    CA  
KUCB    Boulder CO  
KSJD    Mancos  CO  
WYBC    New Haven   CT  
WVUD    Newark  DE  
WERU    Daytona Beach   FL  
WKGC    Panama City FL  
KTUH    Honolulu    HI  30
KALA    Davenport   IA  18
WUEV    Evansville  IN  
WFCI    Franklin    IN  25
WBKE    North Manchester    IN  
WBIM    Bridgewater MA  
WNEK    Springfield MA  29
WBOR    Brunswick   ME  
WRBC    Lewiston    ME  
WBFH    Bloomfield Hills    MI  
KUWS    Duluth  MN  
KMNR    Rolla   MO  
WMSV    Mississippi State   MS  
WNCW    Spindale    NC  20
WHYC    Swan Quarter    NC  
WKNH    Keene   NH  
WGLS    Glassboro   NJ  
WTSR    Trenton NJ  
KGLP    Gallup  NM  
KTEK    Socorro NM  30
WALF    Alfred  NY  
WHRW    Binghamton  NY  
WBSU    Brockport   NY  
KSLU-NY Canton  NY  
WONY    Oneonta NY  
WMCC    Rochester   NY  
WSPN    Saratoga Springs    NY  
WPBX    Southampton NY  
WPMX    Syracuse    NY  
WCSB    Cleveland   OH  
WWSU    Dayton  OH  
WUSO    Springfield OH  20
KSSU    Durant  OK  
KEOL    La Grande   OR  
KDUP    Portland    OR  
WDCV    Carlisle    PA  
WMCE    Erie    PA  
WKVR    Huntingdon  PA  
WVBU    Lewisburg   PA  
WPPJ    Pittsburgh  PA  
WXLV    Schnecksville   PA  
WVMW    Scranton    PA  
WCUR    West Chester    PA  
KAUR    Sioux Falls SD  
KCFS    Sioux Falls SD  
KAGJ    Ephraim UT  
WXJM    Harrisonburg    VA  
WODU    Norfolk VA  
WRMC    Middlebury  VT  
KSVR    Mount Vernon    WA  

If you'd like to hear the new Big Umbrella album, try calling your local station - college or commercial - and ask to hear a song or two. The songs that have been getting the most airplay are "Flowerhead", "Superslide", and "Lifter."

This page was last updated on March 3, 2004 by Kristi Wachter.