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Chicago: In terms of fans, it's no Second City


When PEOPLE Magazine first asked me to write a short piece about Chicago fans, I queried, "Why me?" What do I know of fans made in my home town? But upon investigation I found that the small, dependable electric fan I bought some six years ago was, in fact, manufactured right here in the City of the Big Shoulders.

Now you may ask, What about the fans of Moline, Barstow and Hackensack? And moreover, what about the Chinese, who for many centuries have made fans part of their culture? The truth is, I know nothing of Moline, Barstow and Hackensack, but the Chinese... Ha!

Who are they trying to kid? Have you ever seen one of those Chinese fans? First of all, they're not even electric; they are just hand painted on rice paper or silk. The idea is for you to keep waving them frantically in front of your face, creating a small breeze—if not a stroke.

Can you imagine your 250-pound Aunt Bertha on a hot August afternoon getting relief from one of these things? I think not.

So it is with near total conviction that I say to the world that Chicago fans are the best (with the possible exception of Moline, Barstow and Hackensack).

Dennis DeYoung of Styx, born and raised in Chicago, finds the fans in his Windy City home to be electric.

Last edited by Kristi Wachter, Racer Records, December 11, 1999.