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Stuff I've Written About Styx

Being a huge Styx fan, I've written a few things that were inspired by them. Well, okay, actually they were mostly inspired by Tommy. (Actually, there are a number of things I've written in my diaries and journals about each of the guys, but - although what I've posted here is extremely personal - that stuff is even MORE personal, and in some cases a little embarrassing, so I think if it's quite alright with you I'll just keep that off the Internet.)

I Need A Dream

This is a song I wrote for Tommy around 1978; I would have been 12 or 13. It's in the key of A minor.

Puppet Strings

This is a song I wrote in early 1980; I would have been 14. It starts out in G maj 7. The "men of magic" are Styx, of course, and the "tall dark guardian" is Chuck.

It's still one of my boyfiend's favorite songs of mine, and I like it a lot too, although I'm embarrassed by the "orders/borders" lines.


This is a poem I wrote in early 1981 for sophomore English class; I would have been 15.

Tommy has, thankfully, given up some of the habits I speculate on here (though fortunately for us he's still indulging in rock and lights), but even though it's dated, the last line still is very powerful for me.

I gave a copy of this to Tommy at the Milwaukee show on May 23, 1983.

If I Tried to Tell You

This is a song I wrote just a few years ago, sometime around 1991 or 1992, probably, in my mid-20's.

I was just merrily writing away, when the first two lines of the third verse (fifth stanza?) came out. I had never realized I had felt this about my brother and my father before writing this song.

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