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If I Tried to Tell You

This is a song I wrote just a few years ago, sometime around 1991 or 1992, probably, in my mid-20's.

I was just merrily writing away, when the first two lines of the third verse (fifth stanza?) came out. I had never realized I had felt this about my brother and my father before writing this song.

If I tried to tell you
Why it means so much
I would sound fanatic
You would think I'm out of touch
But if I asked you,
"Have you never felt this way?"
Then your heart would tell you
All the things I feel, but cannot say

Wasn't there a woman
Who set your heart aflame
Did your sorrows vanish
If you'd only speak her name
Tell me you remember the religious love you felt
And the need to give her
Something magic - something of yourself

If I tried to tell you
I could not explain
How your public music
Healed my private pain
But if I asked you
If she even knew your name
Maybe you'd remember
Back to a time when you felt the same

Did you make the same plans
Waiting for the day you'd meet?
Did you dream of climbing
The pedestal to touch her feet?
Did she bring you comfort
When you were lost and all alone?
Did she make you stronger -
Touch your life in ways she's never known

When my father left me
There was nothing I could say
When my brother left me
I began to lose my way
When my senses left me
I lay open to their hate
But your kindred spirit
Touched my heart before it was too late

I long to tell you
How you made my dreams come true
I need to offer
All the love I found in you
But if you dreamed these same dreams
Not so very long ago
I wouldn't have to tell you ...
Maybe you already know

If I tried to tell you
What you are to me
The words would fail me -
I could never make you see
But if I asked you
"Have you never felt this way?"
Then your heart would tell you
All the things I feel
But cannot say
Copyright 1997 Kristi Wachter

Last edited by Kristi Wachter, Racer Records, December 11, 1999.