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This is a poem I wrote in early 1981 for sophomore English class; I would have been 15. It was inspired by Tommy Shaw (can you spot the four specific song references?).

Tommy has, thankfully, given up some of the habits I speculate on here (though fortunately for us he's still indulging his love for rock and lights), but even though it's dated, the last line still is very powerful for me.

A golden man-child, lonely still
A man in the wilderness, you said
The golden mane around your head
Can't hide a heart that's often bled

You never seem to get your fill
Of empty women, empty nights,
Of cocaine, coffee, airplane flights,
Of rock and riches, love and lights.

A master of your shining skill
Your silver-bright guitar, she gleams
In answer to the desperate screams -
All dreamers, feeding off your dreams.

My lion, close in for the kill
For I have waited patiently
Imagination set me free ...
The dream you seek - it might be me.

I love you, and I always will
My golden man-child, you're my flame:
Elusive, young, you're never tame
I'm magic-touched - I'm not the same.
Copyright 1997 Kristi Wachter

Last edited by Kristi Wachter, Racer Records, December 11, 1999.